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Industry Focus – Healthcare Catering

At Cook:Chill we understand the quality, safety and hygiene standards required for kitchens in the healthcare industry, such as an NHS hospital or a residential care home.  Unlike any other kitchen within the catering industry, these facilities have to have…

Cold Rooms & Blast Chillers

How can Cook:Chill assist with your commercial #refrigeration needs? Watch our short video, head to the dedicated section on our website and give our expert team a quick call on 01179 646 497 to discuss your requirements:

Industry Focus – Wholesale & Storage

The wholesale and storage of perishable goods is the lifeblood of many sectors across the UK. From in-store and online Retail, to Hospitality, to Healthcare these industries combined touch everyone in the UK on a daily basis. Cold storage capabilities…

Self Build Cold Rooms Now Available

Cook:Chill Self Build Cold Room

Cook:Chill are now offering 3 sizes of Self Build Cold Rooms for sale. Available in both freeze and chill applications, the rooms come with a monoblock refrigeration motor pre-set to your required temperature. Installation is fast and simple with no…