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FSA Covid-19 Guidance Update

The Food Standards Agency have to today released new guidance for those food businesses looking to reopen or adapt during Covid-19. Unsurprisingly, They really have covered every aspect from field to fork with key information for your staff. Any business in the food chain, this is well worth your consideration.

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COVID-19 Statement

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Cook:Chill Statement

With the ever changing situation relating to the outbreak of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19), I want to update our customers on how Cook:Chill is working hard to mitigate any supply risk, ensure business continuity and continue to deliver the high level of service our customers’ expect.

For some time, we have been preparing our contingency plans to be in a strong position to adapt to all possible scenarios. We are closely following, and acting in accordance with, all official WHO, Government and NHS guidance, and will continue to adapt our approach on an ongoing basis to the changing circumstances. 

For all decisions made in response to this situation, Cook:Chill is prioritising the health and wellbeing of all its key stakeholders – employees, clients and suppliers.  We have restricted staff movements, and stopped all non-essential travel. We are ensuring all staff follow the latest government guidance in relation to personal hygiene and sanitation procedures and are contacting all clients prior to pre-arranged meetings, to ensure appropriate site procedures are understood and safety precautions are in place.

We have implemented limited home-working for employees where possible, and are accelerating this on a daily basis.  Our IT infrastructure and back office systems have been developed with remote access in mind.  Through a combination of cloud-based systems, extensive VPN access and remote team collaboration applications, we are confident of being able to continue operations even if full home-working is mandated.  We also have phone diversion procedures in place should they be required.

Additionally, Cook:Chill is working hard to minimise any supply disruption to its customers for all equipment orders and projects currently being progressed.  We are in constant communication with our supply chain, identifying and mitigating any supply risks, whilst finding suitable alternatives where necessary.  Whilst currently, we are not experiencing major supply chain challenges, we are reviewing this on an ongoing basis, and ensuring that we are communicating in a prompt and timely manner with clients.  Design support, estimating, consultancy and other pre-order services available to customers are not adversely affected, at present.

We are also working closely with all of our sub-contractors for service, installation and construction works.

Our commitment to all customers is that we will be open, honest and transparent in all communications and work with each client to highlight risks and identify appropriate solutions. ​

Although the situation is fluid, our overriding goal is to ensure stakeholder wellbeing and execute our plan to allow our clients to continue to trade as normally as possible.

If you require any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact your account manager or contact our office on +441179 646 497 or email at

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Has the UK food scene changed forever?

Over the last 5 years the UK food scene has been in a state of rapid evolution. With the likes of UberEats and Just Eat changing fast food forever and more recently, companies such as Mindful Chef bringing health focused food boxes and handmade ready meals, technological innovation has meant that ordering a full range of delicacies delivered straight to your door has never been so simple. The virtual food industry has been expanding with more companies seeing the value of the home delivery offering.

It’s no longer just a space for your naughty Saturday night takeaway but now includes everything from a tailored calorie controlled diet to a free-from weekly meal packs . Behind the scenes, the introduction of ‘dark kitchens’ by companies such as Titus, has also allowed for those, who saw home delivery as a secondary revenue stream, to increase or expand their brand exposure without it having a detrimental effect on their primary source of income.

However, in the last 3 weeks the global food industry, as a whole, has seen a seismic shift in how they operate, the rule book has literally been thrown out of the window. The COVID-19 pandemic has meant that overnight companies, big and small, have had to diversify in order to survive. Some have thrived, some have joined forces to reduce running costs and unfortunately, some have made the decision to close their doors for good. What they all have in common is that instantly they are operating out of a dark kitchen.

True entrepreneurial spirit has been shown throughout the UK with stories emerging of how the country pub has now turned into the community store, taking online deliveries for the essentials and delivering to the venerable or, how chefs have teamed up to provide affordable meals for healthcare workers, delivered to their place of work. The astonishing thing about this is how quickly these plans have been implemented and these changes occurred with very little resistance. Especially when the management norm is to have your 3 year plan, containing your secrets to gain competitive advantage under lock and key until the time is right.

Some might argue that these businesses aren’t ‘reinventing the wheel’ and that they are just going back to what was the norm half a century ago. Maybe there’s something to be said for keeping it simple in tough times as your customer base seems to buy into it. The exciting thing for us is to see of these businesses adopt their diversification into their long term strategy.

Here at Cook:Chill we pride ourselves on the non-biased advice we offer. Having had the experience of providing specifications for many different types of food establishments, from Dark Kitchens and complete modular NPD Kitchens to, Central Production Kitchens and even increasing catering and refrigeration equipment capacity in a restaurant to cope with new demand. If your diversification has sparked a few more light bulb moments or, you want to fully integrate your new venture into your business plan, contact one of the Cook:Chill Team below.


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A Message To Pub and Restaurant Owners During Covid-19

Are you using this pandemic as an opportunity to plan for the future? Follow the link below to find out how you can streamline your food offering to reduce waste, save time and increase your margin.

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