Rational iCombi Pro 10-2/1 LPG


10 Grid. Power: 230V/LPG

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The Rational iCombi Pro 10-2/1 LPG combi oven offers a wide range of self-cooking and combi oven modes for different foods and cooking styles.  It is ideal for high-output restaurants and food services. Fully gastronorm compatible, the oven can accommodate up to ten 2/1 pans making it perfect for quick transfer between appliances and produce between 150 to 300 meals per day.
The iDensityControl system controls the climate ensuring you get perfect results every time and miminise energy consumption whilst the iCookingSuite offers the flexibility to achieve reproducible high quality food again and again. When it comes to cleaning the oven, the clever iCareSytem regularly monitors dirt build up and proposes the ideal cleaning set up and chemicals required at the appropriate time.

Product features

  • Capacity 10 x 2/1GN
  • Dimensions 1014(H) x 1072(W) x 1042(D)mm
  • Material Stainless Steel
  • Output 150-300 meals per day
  • Power Type LPG
  • Temperature Range 30°C to 300°C
  • Voltage 230V
  • Warranty 2 Years On-Site Parts & Labour
  • Weight 192kg
  • 4 intelligent assistants iDensityControl, iCookingSuite, iProductionManager, and iCareSystem
  • 6 Intelligent operating modes
  • 5 intelligent cooking methods
  • 3 manual operating modes
  • Phosphate and phosphorous free with quick clean, care control and eco mode.
  • 6-point core temperature probe
  • Retractable hand shower
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Gas Hoses are sold separately


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