Kitchen Solutions – New Product Development

An NPD Kitchen is often the place where the magic happens with new recipes, sauces or a ready meals developed for both the home or hospitality markets. The innovative processes that takes a concept through to product launch is often based on current trends and research.   The NPD environment allows chefs to take risks with flavour and ingredient combinations, allowing new concepts to come to fruition. As consumers and catering specialists, we wouldn’t have the variety we do today without them. 

Depending on who the intended end user might be, a mixture of domestic and commercial catering and refrigeration equipment is often utilised within an NPD Kitchen.  There may also be an element of laboratory work involved where additives are developed.  Often these spaces are open plan, allowing for visitors to witness the cooking process and sample the latest creations.

Catering equipment for NPD kitchens

As every project undertaken is unique, our project management services are tailored to your requirements with the extent of our involvement dictated by our clients. From the purchase of a new combination oven or cold room to a full fit out or refurbishment, our collaborative approach produces results which are not only aesthetically pleasing but functional, cost effective and compliant.  You may also want to take advantage of our conceptual design offering, allowing you to go to tender knowing that you have covered all basis.