Kitchen Solutions – Secondary Schools

Secondary School Kitchens

The catering function of a secondary school, be it private or state run, is under pressure to produce a nutritious, appetising and varied dining experience for it’s students.

A typical state controlled secondary school kitchen is often an under-funded and outdated area, with resources having to be spent on other key areas. This can put a lot of pressure on the catering staff as they try to make their budget go as far as possible, whilst also trying to prepare and create nutritious and appetising meals for hungry children.  No other catering function has to serve a large numbers of meals within such a condensed time-frame. Being so outdated can also mean that the school kitchen is incredibly inefficient, costing educational establishments much more the longer they keep it in place.

The catering function in private schools generally fair much better, with the dining experience a key part of school life. The team are still under the same pressures in terms of daily serving time-frame whilst also trying to create a much more expansive menu.  

The challenge when selecting the right equipment for a school kitchen, comes down to ensuring that they can be as efficient as possible, versatile in their output and robust enough to give the required life expectancy. 

A typical school kitchen evolves around multiples (dependent on size) of a small number of main pieces of equipment

  • Combination Ovens
  • Cooking Centres
  • Electric or Gas Ranges
  • Dishwashers
  • Planetary Mixers
  • Display Chillers
  • Upright or Walk in Refrigeration

Of course there are other items such as preparation equipment, stainless steel tabling and servery equipment required to make the kitchen function. Cook:Chill can design, supply and install a wide range of refrigerated products. From modular cold rooms that allow for substantial quantities of product to be held at the required temperature to, multideck display units that can be integrated into your servery area.

Cook:Chill have the skill and expertise to complete any school kitchen project, we can design the kitchen you need to ensure great food can be produced, nutritional values can be met and serving times can be adhered to. As part of the Cook:Chill service, we will attend site offering unbiased advice to assist in the specification of the correct solution for your school and budget.  Give one of the Team a call on +441179 646 497 or follow the link below.

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