Industry Focus – New Product Development

A New Product Development (NPD) Kitchen is often the place where the magic happens with new recipes, sauces or a ready meals developed for both the home or hospitality markets. The NPD environment allows chefs to take risks with flavour and ingredient combinations, allowing new concepts to come to fruition. As consumers and catering specialists, we wouldn’t have the variety we do today without them. 

The reasons for these innovative processes continually rolling off the production line is based on a number of outside factors. takes a concept through to product launch is often based on:

  • retailer pressure
  • customer demands
  • current trends
  • research

From a company point of view, the NPD department is integral to survival and growth within a competitive environment.  With each new or variation product carefully analysed to see if it can be replicated in an efficient and cost-effective manner, only then will it be brought to production.  As product life-cycles continually get shorter, pressure is on the NPD team to have a wide range of innovative ideas and how to get them to market quickly.   Without this research being conducted companies could be hemorrhaging money on a product.  It is important that they can identify the good and the bad.  

Depending on who the intended end consumer might be, a mixture of domestic and commercial catering and refrigeration equipment is often utilised within an NPD Kitchen.  There may also be an element of laboratory work involved where additives are developed.  Often these spaces are open plan, allowing for visitors to witness the cooking process and sample the latest creations.  Admittedly, this is what every NPD specialist would love to have at their disposal, the reality is often quite different with other parts of the manufacturing plant being used in the preparation, process and storage of the products.

Cook:Chill have the skill and experience in designing, supplying and installing both commercial catering and walk-in refrigeration equipment within the NPD specialism.  As independent suppliers, we are not tied to a particular brand or manufacturer which allows us greater scope to work to your budget.

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