Industry Focus – Military Catering

The catering function within any part of the military plays a vital role in maintaining health and well-being in what can be a stressful and dangerous environment. A lot of emphasis is put on the quality of catering within the military, regardless of whether it is at a home barracks or during deployment in operational environments. 

On Land

A military camp, is a mixture of leisure, pick & go and restaurant styles all under one operation. This mixture of food offerings can put a lot of pressure on the catering personnel as they try to combine high quality cook-to-order and pre-made.  Within the UK, most of the catering is carried out by civilian contractors.

At any time the military, through it logistics regiments, needs to have the capacity to scale up or relocate their operation very quickly.  All of this whilst maintaining the high quality and culturally diverse menu that would normally be expected. As you could expect not every environment is suited to a restaurant style food offering.  These personnel are expected to perform in even the harshest of terrain and conditions.     

Aboard Ships & Submarines

Whilst at sea, the catering personnel role will range from cooking for the ship’s company on board warships, to serving a fine dining experience to politically influential VIPs and royalty.  Regardless of where it is in the world and in what sea state, the catering facilities play a pivotal role at the heart of the military.

Often deployed for lengthy periods, the chilled and frozen storage plays a vital role.  However, saltwater corrosion is a major headache and can often lead to breakdowns.  Submarines face an additional issue as atmospheric pressure also has an effect on refrigerant gases.

Most of the UK’s leading manufacturers supply pre-spec’d marine versions of their products. Whilst this might not stop the pots going everywhere in heavy sea conditions, it will ensure they a robust enough to do the intended job. However, companies such as Rational, have developed a range of CookingCenters that minimise the requirement for the conventional ‘pots on the stove’ type cooking. This could well be the future of marine catering as they are designed to do the job of multiple pieces of equipment at once.

Cook:Chill have the skill and experience in designing, supplying and installing both commercial catering and walk-in refrigeration equipment across the UK’s defence sector.  As independent suppliers of commercial catering and refrigeration equipment, we are not tied to a particular brand or manufacturer which allows us greater scope to work to your exact requirement.

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