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At Cook:Chill we understand the quality, safety and hygiene standards required for kitchens in the healthcare industry, such as an NHS hospital or a residential care home.  Unlike any other kitchen within the catering industry, these facilities have to have the ability to cater for every type of dietary requirement on a daily basis.

Hospital Kitchens

Hospitals are under pressure to provide meals en masse for patients, staff and visitors alike.  Although the menus may not have the variety of other catering establishments, it does have to cater for health, dietary, religious, or cultural requirements.  Health Officials have more recently recognised the importance that food plays in the healing process, therefore there is a much greater focus on quality than there ever was before.

The hospital kitchen set up usually evolves a central production kitchen with satellite, or regen kitchens, situated throughout the site.  The central kitchens handles the majority of the bulk preparation and cooking, with menus chosen for the ability to produce in large batches. These kitchens are kitted out with many larger pieces of equipment.  As space generally, isn’t an issue walk-in cold rooms are also a mainstay, so that meals can be prepared and stored well in advance.

Not only will this raise the quality of food being produced but also reduce downtime and save on staffing, energy, repair and maintenance costs.

A recent piece of research shows that the majority of NHS sites are in need of a catering upgrade with facilities and equipment outdated and require updated technologies. Not only will this raise the quality of food being produced but also reduce downtime and save on staffing, energy, repair and maintenance costs.

Residential Care or Nursing Homes

Residential or care homes may only have relatively small numbers to cater for but the reality is that each resident could have their own unique dietary requirements. Whilst these requirements are known one day to the next, time is a critical factor in these situation due to the preparation and cooking required. 

With a focus being on how a particular site can maximise revenue streams, often the kitchen areas a quite compact as space has been taken up to create and extra bedroom. This is especially true in older, converted buildings. It can be incredibly challenging for the catering teams to create the best ‘dining at home’ experience possible.

Another challenge comes when selecting the right equipment for a care home type healthcare establishment.  It often comes down to finding a balance between the space available and the number of residents. The equipment need to be as versatile as possible, with many different component parts being cooked at once.

Cook:Chill are independent suppliers of commercial catering and refrigeration equipment. We have access to varied range of preparation and processing equipment and can offer both standard and bespoke modular cold room, freezer room, blast chiller and blast freezer designs.

We have the skill and expertise to complete any healthcare project from a complete refit to replacing an existing piece of equipment. As part of the Cook:Chill service, we will attend site offering unbiased advice to assist in the specification of the correct solution for your operation and budget.  Give one of the Team a call on +441179 646 497 or follow the link below.

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