Industry Focus – Central Production Kitchens

Central Production Kitchens (CPK), or Central Production Units (CPU’s) as they are more commonly known in the industry, used for the production of individual ingredients or meals before they are sent to different locations for plating up and serving to consumers. 

Central Production Kitchen (CPU)

They are becoming increasingly popular across both the public and private sector as the benefits such as:

  • reduced waste
  • increased buying power
  • product consistency
  • reduced overheads
  • menu consistency

It has been reported that there is as much as a 10% saving in food purchasing alone.

Academy chains, hospitals, restaurant chains, universities and food manufacturers across the UK are all using a CPU system to their advantage by decreasing their onsite costs, minimising costs of menu development and plugging any skills shortage.  It has been reported that there is as much as a 10% saving in food purchasing alone.

A CPU is a very different operation from a normal on-site commercial kitchen in that it resembles a manufacturing facility with larger:

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