Cold Room Installed for Fruit & Veg Wholesaler

The Cook:Chill Team traveled to Longtown, near Carlisle last week to install a large cold room for a Fruit & Veg Wholesaler. A floorless 11.37m x 4.57m x 2.43m Cold room was supplied with a hinged pallet-width door.

Large Floorless Cold Room
11.37 x 4.57 x 2.43m Floorless Cold Room

Traditionally the client supplied commercial operations, such as hotels and restaurants, with fresh produce. With recent events affecting most businesses, the client quickly made the decision to diversify into providing their high quality products via home delivery boxes. This has been a great success for the company and they quickly grew to delivering over 1000 boxes per week . As a result, they outgrew their current cold storage.

The client required a cold room that allowed for ease of product flow as bulk deliveries are needed to be broken down into smaller batches, depending on who they were going to. A floorless room with pallet wide doorway was specified to mitigate the need for a ramp and aid the seamless transition of product.

As Cook:Chill had worked for the client previously, they knew that minimising disruption to the business was key to a successful install, so it was agreed that the works would take place outside of core operating hours. With an early finish on Friday, Cook:Chill took the opportunity to get started. Working long hours, the Team completed the install in 2.5 days, handing over to the client on Monday morning just in time for the first bulk delivery to arrive.

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