Robot Coupe R60 Vegetable Preparation Machine

Robot Coupe R60 + Smooth Blade Assembly

Price £19,373.00
Size: 600cm x 810cm x 1400cm (LxWxH)
Weight: 201.2 kg

Item Description

Robot Coupe R60 Vertical Cutter Mixer – Designed for processing both large & small quantities of meat, vegetable & smooth textured mousses, as well as for grinding & kneading foodstuffs in a minimum of time.

• All stainless steel machine.
• IP65 control panel equipped with a digital minute timer.
• 3 smooth blades assembly supplied as standard.
• Transparent polycarbonate lid.
• 60 litre stainless steel bowl with handles.
• Lid wiper.
• Covers: 300 to 3000.
• Maximum Capacity Coarse Chopping: 25kg, Emulsions: 36kg, Patisseries: 30kg, Grinding: 18kg.
• 2 Speed: 1500rpm & 3000rpm.
• Weight: 201.2kg.

Please note – Blades and Discs are sold seperately