Benefits of a Modular Cold Room

Modular Cold Rooms are one of the most effective ways to store temperature critical products. Here are some of the advantages they have over traditional container-type units.


Not only do you have complete control over the units design and functionality but these units can be fitted with the latest in alarm and monitoring systems


Modular units can be designed to integrate seamlessly into your work space, maximising productivity and process flow.  Size and location can easily be altered to suit business demand, maximising efficiency and simplifying stock rotation. Multi-compartment rooms are also very popular to minimise cross contamination.

Rapid Installation

Coming in panel format, the component parts of a cold room can be transferred to the final location with relative ease.  Allowing for a quick and cost effective installation.  Installation can even be phased to work around your business requirements.


Walk-in cold rooms can be designed with a range of cladding, door and window options for back of house storage, or as a front of house display unit. Designs can also integrate shelving, hanging rails, sliding or rapid rose doors. Weatherproof roofs and marine specifications are also available.


Not only are all our cold rooms both food safety and HACCP compliant but there are a range of other features that also ensure safety in the workplace.

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