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Industry Focus – Healthcare Catering

At Cook:Chill we understand the quality, safety and hygiene standards required for kitchens in the healthcare industry, such as an NHS hospital or a residential care home.  Unlike any other kitchen within the catering industry, these facilities have to have…

Food Danger Zone

Are you aware of the ‘Danger Zone’ when it comes to cooling cooked food products? This is a really important piece of Government legislation to minimise risks of bacteria contamination and ensure freshness. Read the key points here: Cook:Chill specialises in the design and…

Cold Rooms & Blast Chillers

How can Cook:Chill assist with your commercial refrigeration needs? Watch our short video, head to the dedicated section on our website and give our expert team a quick call on 01179 646 497 to discuss your requirements:

Industry Focus – Wholesale & Storage

The wholesale and storage of perishable goods is the lifeblood of many sectors across the UK. From in-store and online Retail, to Hospitality, to Healthcare these industries combined touch everyone in the UK on a daily basis. Cold storage capabilities…